We are Amro Capital Holding Inc. providing total capital solution to finance your project in achieving your ultimate goal, financial freedom. Our professional team is well prepared to create a strong business development plan and financial services that make us the best company in the world to help you in performing your project.

We will be pleased to assist you no matter what your funding requirements are. If you have been turned down by banks or financial institutions, we can help.

Capital Solutions team of Amro Holding Capital Inc. specializes in debt advisory assignments and project finance. Through our Capital Solutions practice, Amro Capital Holding Inc. is able to serve our clients on every step of their business journey and to enable early detection of financing and strategic needs.

Amro Capital Holding Inc. focuses mainly on mergers, acquisitions, and disposals, designing and executing transactions largely starting from EUR 100 million enterprise value.

As an independent firm, we are able to provide wholly objective and pragmatic advice on strategic options for clients ranging from corporates to professional investors to family businesses.

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Gold is in hot demand as an investment, a status symbol, and a key component in many electronic products.

But it’s also a finite resource, and there will eventually come a stage when there is none left to be mined.


The government is preparing Rp 75 trillion (US$5.1 billion) in capital for the nation’s sovereign wealth fund to attract investment and support the economy as global heavyweights from the United States to the United Arab Emirates have expressed interest to join. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said Rp 30 trillion of the capital would be in cash, while the remaining would be in the form of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) shares and other state assets.


A land without Farmers: →

Indonesia’s Agricultural Conundrum

The rate at which the country is losing farmers is a cause for concern. If it continues, Indonesia is likely to have no farmers left in 50 years. What will we eat?

“Well, we will be hungry,” said Adang Parman, 58, a farmer from Ciburial village in West Java. Every day, the father of three heads out to the field at the break of dawn to pull out weeds, water his plants or pluck vegetables from his rows of plants. His sons, meanwhile, plow the land with a handheld walking tractor.



“Building High Performance Teams”

Training event “Building High Performance Teams” by ALC Leadership Management opened by the Chairman, CEO of PT Amro Asia Pacific at Office Atria @ Sudirman, on October 7 2019.

The training is carried out on a routine basis as part of human resource development which is attended by the leaders of Amro Asia Pacific.

Consumer and Industrial Product

Location Project:

PT Karawang Hijau Sejahtera began to develop modern agricultural systems to drive conventional agriculture into strategic mechanical technology. This is done to ensure that all ration production becomes more competitive, innovative and efficient in producing rice and its derivatives.

Agribusiness Info

Project Location:

By utilizing Indonesia’s marine resources, PT Amro Hosana Berkarya is dedicated to prevent and cure disease, and improve public health through the production and distribution of Indonesia’s first locally-produced omega-3 fish oil.

Consumer Goods Info

Project Location:

HarsonPaper is a company that is dedicated to producing packaging paper to meet domestic and foreign market needs. Projected export sales of around 70%, the rest are in the domestic market.

Industrial Info

Consumer and Industrial Service

Project Location:

PT Amro Edukasi Cilegon would like to hand to hand with government increasing quality of education by build International Islamic School, especially in Cilegon, Banten, need Islamic school with highest standard, both facilities and academic services.

Education News

Project Location:

PT Amro Karya Medika is a subsidiary of PT Amro Asia Pacific which carries out the development of Cahaya Amro Medika Hospital, located on Ahmad Yani Road km. 33, Kelurahan Loktabat Utara, Banjar Baru, South Kalimantan. Our main goal is to be a professional and quality hospital that prioritizes complete and perfect health services.

Health Care Info

Project Location:

PT Amro Telkom Asia is a company engaged in partnership in the telecommunication sector. This sector holding has the task of allocating investments to subsidiaries and coordinating operations.

Telcom Info

Project Location:

PT Amro Intiqol Indonesia have several work programs for people and goods transportation services that are online-based, as well as actively strengthening our main business infrastructure lines with business locations throughout Indonesia.

Transportation Info


Project Location:

PT Amro Greenciti Indonesia will act as the developer and concentrate on providing independent areas for the community, both landed residential, vertical housing (high rise), industrial estate, social and commercial areas along with its facility supporters.

Township News

Project Location:

PT Amro Graha Asaba is a Indonesia National Housing Subsidiary which focuses on the construction of people’s houses, medium-sized houses and real estate houses.

Public Housing News

Project Location:

PT Amro Bali Lestari is very interested in preserving the natural, cultural and artistic preservation of Bali which has proven to succeed in making Bali an exclusive and “a must-see destination”  in the world of tourism. Therefore, as an initial step PT Amro Bali Lestari decided to develop a concept that would be far different from the concepts of tourism that already exists in the modern era today.

Tourism News

Energy, Utilities & Resources

Project Location:

The use of mineral and energy resources, as one of the basic assets of the nation, is directed at being the main driver and driving force for economic development as well as strengthening national resilience. With this basic capital, economic growth can be more evenly distributed in various regions of Indonesia.

Mining News

Project Location:

Besides being able to sustain a sustainable life, renewable energy also promises business benefits. Although it requires a large investment, the prospect is believed to be bright in the future.

Energy News

Project Location:

Oil demands still increase for the coming years in the other side, national oil company Pertamina’s oil stock level only 12 days these days, standard level is 90 days seeing this condition PT Amro Depo Nusantara which is a subsidiary company of PT Amro Asia Pacific has a mission to contribute in increasing Oil and Gas storage and distribution facilities.

Oil & Gas News
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