What are Bank Instruments?

This is a commitment in form of writing issued by a bank to pay a particular sum of money to a beneficiary on behalf of a bank’s customer in a situation where the customer/purchaser do not have the ability to pay or perform its obligation financially to the seller.

Amro Capital Holding Inc. make it easy for you to make transactions with your business partners. We can provide and increase your bona fide in making payments to your business partners at home and abroad.

Our Trade Finance Officers are spread throughout Indonesia as your business solution partner for your transactions. Our network of banks located around the world makes it easy for you to accept and issue SBLC / Guarantee to and from banks around the world.

Our Trade Finance and Treasury certificates, which have received a Professional Quality Management certificate, are supported by an internationally certified Document Checker that guarantees its validity.

At AMRO Capital Holding Inc., there are several choices of financial instruments we provide for our customers. Whether the providers or purchasers who are intriguing in transacting trade in a worldwide market or even in the form of enhancement for credit. We also offer financial instruments like Letter of Credit (LC), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Proof of Fund,  Bank Guarantee (BG) and Certificate Time Deposit (CTD) which is used in industries most often, issuing of us by Top Worldwide Prime Bank.


AMRO Provides Export Payment Services (LC and Non LC) to name a few Our subsidiaries are as follows:

  • Our Subsidiary issue LC’s Application in Amro Trade Centre
  • Our Bank’s issuing confirmation issuing of LC’s to Beneficiary
  • AMRO Trade Centre will do collection LC’s Document from our Bank’s
  • Escrow Account in our Bank’s

Benefit for Our Subsidiary:

  • Our Bank’s will issuing the LC’s from worldwide Locate
  • Our subsidiary does not need to pay bank fees in issuing LC
  • Application to our Bank’s LC within 3 days only
  • Delivery of export documents is very fast through our banks located around the World.

Requirements :

  • The exporter must be an AMRO subsidiary.
  • Submit the AMRO Trade Centre Corporate Application letter
  • Submit the original contract
  • Submit Bank Coordinate to AMRO Trade Centre
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