Our Worldwide Business

We Partner with Leaders who have a Vision for doing things differently.


Amro Capital Holding Inc. with a huge range of individuals and organizations, and those interactions shall bring us to an ethical obligations.


We value diversity of people and thought, therefore we employ people and work with others with diverse cultural, religious and disciplinary backgrounds.


We oblige a mandatory ethics policy within our companies in compliance toward all each government laws and regulations without any excuses, however our ethics policy does not stop there. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and behave in ways that earn the trust of others. Local customs, traditions, and mores differ from place to place, and this must be recognized.


We cares how results are obtained, not just that they are obtained. We care about the consequences of our decisions, large and small, on those around us. Our directors, officers, and employees should deal fairly with each other and with our suppliers, customers, competitors, and other third parties.

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