Education is a ray of light in the darkness. It certainly is a hope for a good life. Education is a basic right of every Human on this Planet. Uneducated youth is the worst thing for Humanity. Above all, the governments of all countries must ensure to spread Education.

To say Education is important is an understatement. Education is a weapon to improve one’s life. It is probably the most important tool to change one’s life. Education for a child begins at home. It is a lifelong process that ends with death. Education certainly determines the quality of an individual’s life. Education improves one’s knowledge, skills and develops the personality and attitude. Most noteworthy, Education affects the chances of employment for people. A highly educated individual is probably very likely to get a good job.

Education is extremely important for employment. It certainly is a great opportunity to make a decent living. This is due to the skills of a high paying job that Education provides. Uneducated people are probably at a huge disadvantage when it comes to jobs. It seems like many poor people improve their lives with the help of Education.

Better Communication is yet another role in Education. Education improves and refines the speech of a person. Furthermore, individuals also improve other means of communication with Education.

Education makes an individual a better user of technology. Education certainly provides the technical skills necessary for using technology. Hence, without Education, it would probably be difficult to handle modern machines.

People become more mature with the help of Education. Sophistication enters the life of educated people. Above all, Education teaches the value of discipline to individuals. Educated people also realize the value of time much more. To educated people, time is equal to money.

Finally, Educations enables individuals to express their views efficiently. Educated individuals can explain their opinions in a clear manner. Hence, educated people are quite likely to convince people to their point of view.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ahmad Hafid was graduated from Pasundan University with majoring in Industrial Engineer. Even his bachelor degree on Engineer but he has experience more than 10 years in Education Institution both formal and non formal Education.He joined Amro in 2018 and he is the most person who has commitment how to be built and grow up our education sector in Indonesia especially on 5 aspect education project those are : International Islamic School, University, Education Technology, curriculum, and Non Formal Education (Training, courses, and so on).


As an education sector holding, we focus on establishing, developing and improving Education Institution services through the Amro Integrated Business Education System (AIBES).

Our main goal is to improve the quality of education and welfare of the people of Indonesia. Therefore, all subsidiaries under this sector will always work together to build a superior educational institution. Not only increasing educational institutions in all provinces in Indonesia, we are also building educational business networks in every municipality and district in Indonesia.

With an online and digital based education system, and integrated between schools, students and parents, we are sure to produce graduates who are pious, intelligent, independent and have global competitiveness.

We also work with other business sector subholdings for work placements for graduates of AMRO Educational Institutions.

Project Location: INDONESIA

Project Location: INDONESIA

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Nurdin was graduated from Iskandarthani Administration Academy with majoring in Social and Political Science. He was take interest in education and has expertiese in it on formal field for 12 years. He Joined Amro since 2020 and he has ambition to organizing high quality information and  communication technology-based higher education in order to improve the nation’s competitiveness and creating an academic atmosphere that supports the implementation of research activities of an international standard and is beneficial for the welfare of mankind trough of Pre-School Education, Primary Education, Middle Education, Vocational Education, and University.


The quality of education that every children in this nation needs that they can life by thinking critically when they finished their education and join community’s life is not increased well than population growth which walks rapidly each years. The current condition of the community in this nation has really changed greatly with the mindset and vision of the importance of education and economic issues. Economic factors plays a big role that limited
a chance most of children to get good education in the end. Therefore we needs to be creative and contribute to those who have aspirations and interests to continue higher education.
It is a necessity for every individual or institution to be able to provide opportunities and create a balanced educational system. For this reason, we, as part of the education sector, try to act and think creatively in planning the construction of pre-school, elementary, middle and high education facilities in the form of PT AMRO LEUSER ACEH NUSANTARA to be able to provide relief costs in continuing education for the generation of the people in this region up to the university level by prioritizing aspects of ease and ability in order to form and develop a young generation who are intellectual, creative and have basic professional skills to increase the potential of the Aceh region.

Project Location: ACEH, INDONESIA

Project Location: ACEH, INDONESIA

Chief Executive Officer

Hadi Kurniawan is ‘Wong Banten’ or indige-nous man of Banten, was born 41 years ago in Se-rang. Graduate from IPB, one of reputable univer-sity in Indonesia. Having experiences in manageri-al position in several company, both local and abroad (Qatar, 2012). Every one must be a teacher, at least for their children. With desire to develop human re-sources, Hadi want to involve in education it self. That is not surpris-ing because he grow in educator family. His fa-ther and four sisters are teachers Join with this company with strong desire to build great generation with Al Qur’an and Sun-nah as guideline. At his village, he teach children about Islam and how to strengthen they faith to Allah.He is inspired by Rasulullah Muhammad Sholallahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam and others Islamic scholars, how to build great civilization. And through this way, he want to make a path that he is a part of peo-ple who awakening ummah. He believe that education will make suc-cess not only in life but also afterlife.


“Education for Ummah Awakening”

Indonesia have problem in educational system. At 62nd from 72 countries, it need government concern to develop the system.

One of solution is collaborate with private sector. With private sec-tor could make synergy to make our educational system better.

We are PT  Amro Edukasi Cilegon would like to hand to hand with government increasing quality of education by build International Islamic School. People, especially in Cilegon, Banten, need Islamic school with highest standard, both facilities and academic services.

To reach all goals in education objective, Al Hafidz International Islamic School use four principles;

  1. Learning to Live Together, by respect each others.
  2. Learning to Know and Learning to How in every science and knowledge
  3. Learning to Do by applying science and knowledge in daily activity as problem solving.
  4. Learning to Be. Be responsible and independent.

With those pillars we hope Al Hafid International Islamic School become an educational institution which generate great generation with Islamic value. Surely with strong nationalism, not only with high intelligent quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), and spiritual quotient (SQ).

Project Location: BANTEN, INDONESIA

Project Location: BANTEN, INDONESIA

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