Besides being able to sustain a sustainable life, renewable energy also promises business benefits. Although it requires a large investment, the prospect is believed to be bright in the future.

Indonesia is one of the countries that has huge renewable energy potential. For example, it has the highest geothermal reserves in Southeast Asia, with estimates at 27 points with total electricity capacity reaching 27 Gigawatts (GW). Hydro energy, especially in Central and Eastern Indonesia, has a total capacity of around 20 GW. Indonesia has a target of using Renewable Energy – EBT in the national energy mix of 23% in 2025 and 31% in 2050. This target is equivalent to 45.2 GW of EBT power plants by 2025, the rest is contributed by bio-fuels, biomass, biogas and coal bed methane.

Biomass which is a waste from most industries also has great potential as well as being a solution. The geographical area of Indonesia’s coastline of 81 thousand km also has enormous wind energy potential, likewise with solar energy.

Business development in the renewable energy sector is needed to anticipate the occurrence of an energy crisis in the future.

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“An investment in renewable energy today, will provide a better future”

Facing the challenges of climate change, the world is increasingly turning to the decarbonization of its energy sources. The result is rapid growth in the spread and use of renewable energy globally.

To help achieve this target and to create a reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure, the AMRO ENERGI INTI business covers the entire value chain of power plant development, from development to construction and operation.

To be able to meet the target achievement in a short time, we established partnerships with several companies and young entrepreneurs in all regions of Indonesia, especially in areas where the level of meeting energy needs is still very low. Our team of energy specialists strives to explore renewable energy projects that benefit the community and the local economy.

We are ready to fund any renewable energy project, and always try to provide innovative ideas and solutions to partners. Join us, together to face every challenge in the energy sector for the prosperity of the people of Indonesia.

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