Transportation services have become the basic needs of the community. Therefore, the continuity of transportation service availability in meeting the needs of production, consumption and distribution activities must receive ongoing attention. This condition is essential because the strategic function of transportation is to create stability and continuity of community activities.

PT Amro Asia Pacific, took part in providing the availability of transportation services by opening a business in this sector. This sector covers everything related to land, sea and air transportation, both human and goods transportation, and with domestic to international routes.



PT Amro Transportasi Indonesia is established and initialed by the President of Amro Asia Pacific to support the transportation industry, with a great vision to be the solution of transportation services in Indonesia.

The Directors and senior Executives have combined the experience of over 15-20 years in all aspects of the Transportation Industry, Supply Industry, Management and have held a senior managerial position of well-known transport establishments along with other industries.

Most of the shareholders have been experienced in the transportation industry business for more than 15 years and also Supply Industry. Their involvement in the transport investment is part of their great strategy to secure safety that so far has been jeopardized as they mostly experience difficulties. As a result of this involvement, especially with a great vision and innovation of our young Executive, we have developed a unique strength point in the marketing strategy by selecting the counterpart company to reach and keep the market.

This strategy has enabled the company to maximize each performance in taking market share and minimize each operating cost, particularly organization cost. Furthermore, our strategic alliance concept not only expands out networking and range of service but also results in our company as a lean organization and cost-efficient company.

The board and shareholders of the company are aware that networking, financial strength, and market control are part of the main key of success of a Transport Industry and Industrial supply company.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Agung Basuki, Chief Executive Officer of PT Amro Intiqol Indonesia, has more than 15 years of experience in management project, telecommunication / digital technology and marketing strategy as well as community development in several national and international companies as well as supporting government agencies. He is an energetic person, easy to adapt to new business environment, accustomed to working in teamwork, independently and having access to multi-sectors. Graduate from a university in electrical engineering.


PT Amro Intiqol Indonesia was established in January 2020 with the largest ownership stake owned by PT Amro Transportasi Indonesia. As a subsidiary of the Land Transportation sector unit, we have several work programs for people and goods transportation services that are online-based, as well as actively strengthening our main business infrastructure lines with business locations throughout Indonesia.

Types of services, modes of transportation and other supporting facilities will be adjusted to the geographical and social factors of the respective business areas.
The application of technology that is always developing is also one of the main supporting factors in carrying out our work program.

Project Location:

Project Location:

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