AMRO HOLDING focuses mainly on mergers, acquisitions, and disposals, designing and executing transactions largely starting from EUR 100 million enterprise value.

As an independent firm, we are able to provide wholly objective and pragmatic advice on strategic options for clients ranging from corporates to professional investors to family businesses.

Every transaction team is composed of professionals with experience in the relevant industry, as well as professionals with honed project management and analytical skills. Unlike other firms, AMRO HOLDING involves senior partners at every step of the process for every assignment we take on.

With AMRO HOLDING – Mergers & Acquisition clients can enjoy this benefits:

  1. A greater control over the markets is gained by combining the management and influence of the firm.
  2. Value efficiency increases (with mergers and acquisitions) in cost, savings and exceptional improvement.
  3. Less creativity is needed to manage risk.
  4. By a narrow M&A contract, a larger firm can tape in a smaller firm with Frontline.
  5. Tax deduction: Mergers and acquisitions construct tax absorber and hike cash
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