EDWIN SUGIHARTO MBA, is the Founder, Principal and President of Amro Capital Holding Inc. offshore Samoa Islands.

He has more than 23 years of experience in the line of funding, finance, asset management and manages holding companies in Asia Pacific. Until now he built more than 100 over companies throughout the world with 2 Million people under his guidance.

The Principal’s Message

Amro Capital Holding Inc. is an Investment Company for Global Business especially in mergers and acquisitions for 16 business sectors such as property, oil and gas, especially the lower middle class with a minimum transaction of EURO 500 million. Currently we have started providing investment funds in Indonesia to our subsidiary, PT Amro Asia Pacific.

Our strategy is to build a holding company in 198 countries around the world with focus on funding for projects. We do understand the difficulties to get funding for projects, especially in this pandemic of Covid 19 time. Therefore please come and join us by submitting your project proposal, we will be more than happy to be your funding solution be it at small, medium or large scale.

We are confident that with our ability to invest, we will provide jobs and there will be no more unemployment in a country and automatically the development of the community’s economy so that it is ready to face 21st century globalization and in accordance with our mission of “Building Truly Prosperity” for all people around the world.

We are a client centric company that listen proactively to client’s needs, because we believe that listening is the act of care from heart as our main principle The Truly Your Business Partner.

Warmest Regards
Edwin Sugiharto
Principal of Amro Capital Holding

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