Housing is one of the basic human needs. It also has a very strategic role in shaping the character and personality of the nation so it needs to be fostered and developed for the survival and improvement of people’s lives and livelihoods.

In this regard, the President AMRO has outlined that effort to develop housing continue to increase to provide increasing numbers of housing, affordable prices for the community (especially low-income groups), and while still paying attention to the minimum requirements for decent, safe, and healthy housing.

We have built several special developer groups to build Housing for National Consumers especially for the lower middle economy with a unique design model, comfortable and livable and healthy with rural locations full of greenery, capital facilities located throughout Provincial Cities, Municipalities and all Regencies. in Indonesia.

We are an integrated property development, from land acquisition to design, project management, sales, commercial leasing and marketing, to the operation and management of development and management of all time with green nature in villages with city facilities such as modern markets, shopping centers,
Family Tourism Parks, Schools, family sports centers, Houses of Worship, and integrated with regencies and provincial cities with Bus Terminals, Toll roads and MRT for

Our professional and experienced marketing team are able to provide satisfaction for all customers

We make it easy for all consumers to own a house with offers without down payment, without mortgage and without interest, just credit to us as a Depelover who always pays attention to the difficulties of consumers throughout the country.



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As a sector holding of Property Developer, has several programs including:

  1. A Million Houses Program
  2. Special Economic Zone Zoning Program
  3. Development of Commercial Residential Areas, Real Estate, Apartments, Condominium

 The one million housing for Low Income Communities is one of the programs that will be run by this sector through representatives of companies that will work in synergy with the government and property institutions such as REI, APERNAS and Syariah Property Communities.

And to run the Special Economic Zone Zoning Program, PT AMRO GRAHA ASABA through 34 Provinces and 514 municipal districts throughout Indonesia will move together to run a “engine of change” in the provision of decent housing for the people.



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PT Amro Cipta Properti is a housing development company in Aceh, which is engaged in property. The company was founded in Jakarta on April 11, 2019. We are committed to developing and creating new innovations in the development of competitive, sustainable and environmentally-friendly Commercial Housing.



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PT Abdi Mandiri Data Solusi is a company that has dedicated itself to concern in the field of public housing. The target is the middle class people with small families who really need a place to live. Our motto is “build with heart”. Which means that our mission is to build low-cost housing with good quality and will not disappoint consumers or buyers of the house. We are very concerned about the use of materials for buildings and all facilities in the housing area, with the hope that they are satisfied with what they have bought. Together with PT Amro Asia Pacific, all of that can be realized because our mission and vision are in line, namely Building Human Welfare.



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PT Mentari Borneo Abadi, a company in a small village in East Kutai. Our goal is to build a small village into an independent integrated city by integrating agricultural potential as a basis for building an independent integrated city. The industries that we build start from the downstream to the upstream industries in one region. The area is also supported by housing facilities, social facilities such as education, health, markets, ports, warehouses and all supporters to become an integrated independent city. Our hope is that through the business of PT Mentari Borneo Abadi, the small village of Senyiur in East Kalimantan can become an independent integrated city.

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