Telecommunication has been the lifeblood of the contemporary society.

It has made the world a global village, bringing 98% of the world under its network coverage. It has no better alternative in modern development communication.

Indonesia is one of the countries that have great potential in developing satellite technology, in addition to its precise geographical location on the equator, making it easier to launch Indonesia’s satellites supported by the availability of adequate human resources.

Seeing the enormous potential that Indonesia has in the field of telecommunications by having an absolute geostationary orbit on the Indonesian equator, Indonesia should develop a satellite-based industry by creating new discoveries and innovations in the telecommunications world.

The satellite is the most important factor in telecommunications, if it is held by foreign parties, then the condition will be dangerous for Indonesia in terms of telecommunications. Indonesia should be more aware of the importance of satellite ownership in order to support people’s lives.

Seeing the importance of this satellite ownership, PT Amro Asia Pacific through the Telecommunications sector, has made satellites as one of its work programs.

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